SYSADMIN(1)                                           SYSADMIN(1)

       sysadmin  - responsible for everything imaginable that may
       or may not have to do with the system you're using.   Con-
       traction of "system" and "administrator"

       sysadmin [-ab] [-cd] [-ef] etc......

       sysadmin takes care of everything, is generally harangued,
       must be supplied with coffee, chocolate,  and  alcohol  in
       order  to  function  properly, cannot be exposed to direct
       sunlight, and must not be allowed to have a life.

       sysadmin is not intended  as  a  user  interface  routine;
       other  programs provide user-friendly front ends; sysadmin
       is used by everyone who can track him [her] down.

       With no flags, sysadmin reads its standard input up to  an
       EOF,  or  a  line which sysadmin wishes to parse, and then
       proceeds to ignore it entirely and read news all day. When
       invoked  with the -w option, sysadmin reads standard input
       and responds according to terms of job description.

       -bofh  Go into Bastard  Operator  From  Hell  mode.   This
              option  causes  sysadmin to use tools stored in the
              /usr/lib/bofh directory to parse the standard input
              and route user tasks appropriately.

       -cd    causes   sysadmin   to   become  caffeine-deprived,
              resulting in system slowdowns.

       -b     causes the sysadmin to function normally while aug-
              menting  the  standard  input with beer(5).  Can be
              used with the -t option  as  well,  depending  upon
              which version of sysadmin you are running.

       -t     causes  the  sysadmin  to  smoke tobacco, which can
              result in significant performance improvement, pro-
              vided you are running the correct version of sysad-

       -Cfile Specify an  alternate  configuration  file  (sysad-
     is the standard).

       -dX    set debuggin value to X.

              Set the full name of the sysadmin.

       -Bf    Create the configuration freeze file.

       -lname Sets  the  name  of  the  "luser"  person (that is,

originator of a given request). -l can only be used
              by "trusted" users (who are listed in

       The -t option should not be used with a version of  sysad-
       min which is not capable of parsing tobacco input.  Though
       the functionality of this command may seem similar to  the
       -b  option,  it  should  not  be confused with that or the
       related -c option.

Last-modified: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 06:29:09 GMT